Get all the power from your CV. Here some Motorposrt CV Templates, for you to update your current one or update it.

Did you know having a bad CV can make the difference, from being rejected to being successful in your new job?

We suggest some CV advice to get all the maximum power for your CV. You can get some free trails and advice about how you should look at your CV. To be more attractive to the teams and brands looking for new candidates.

You need to think about it, will be the first thing teams and brands will see and read about you. Make sure everything is perfect and you don’t forget to write nothing down.

A clear, specific, direct and professional looking will tell a lot about you. An organized CV with all the information in the correct place.

We suggest 2 options who can help you to upgrade your CV and take more advantage against the other.

Some important points:

  • Correct name and personals details, try to make sure no mistakes on email and contact details. Those are crucial to get in touch with you.
  • Actual personal photo is always welcome, try to have one the most recent as possible. ID type is good, but if you have a nice one while you were working in the last job, will be nice
  • Mention last jobs, and be specific with all jobs/tasks done while working there
  • Write down languages and masters or extra courses if you have
  • Mark team/race/championships results in case you got it. In case were not working in a team, mention projects involved and success you archive while working there
  • Featured your strong point and what inspire you for the new job!


Get ex-boss, Manager, professor, teacher, partner… a recommendation to write it down in your CV with his contact details. This will help you A LOT!

By the way! In case you want a second opinion you always can send to us your CV, to give you a second evaluation and give some feedback.