How to find a Motorsport job search strategy?! 4 points.

Know where you want to go

That can be difficult to spend time on because you may really need or want to take that next step.
Impatience can lead you to “hitchhiking” through your job search by submitting applications to every ad in hopes of a response, he said. Hitchhiking through your job search is a bad idea, though.

Don’t do what you were taught in high school
Many job seekers often spend 80% to 90% of their time applying to jobs and the rest on networking. “You’re basically spending most of your time where your odds are the lowest.” Instead, you should spend most of your time networking and the rest on applications and other parts of their job search.

*Show the company the value you bring
At the end of the day, companies have one reason for hiring, it’s bringing in the person who is going to bring the most value for the role, If we could tell everyone to take one thing away, it would essentially be: don’t constrain yourself to a resume or cover letter to show your value.

Keep evolving your strategy
If you get into a habit of tracking your efforts, you will learn what works best for you
Create two different outreach emails and a list of 20 people to contact. And see which one works the best.