How to become a motorsports mechanic/engineer?

Working in the box of a Formula 1, Nascar, Indy, Formula E team, in a WRC, Dakar team or tuning some MotoGP beast would be, without fear of making a mistake, the dream of many mechanics or engineers. However, being a racing mechanic/engineer is not easy.

Here we show you some ways to how to get in, of this fantastic and fascinating world!

1.- Education

The options for training/courses/masters as a motorsports mechanic/engineer are growing the last few years.

From Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, USA, and Australia. We have centers providing the most current programs right now in the motorsports industry. – check our Education programs on our website, to discovers the best program out there for motorsports!

So you can stay if you are lucky in your own country if you have a center who offers those programs. Or take the courage and move to some other nice country. And have a very nice experience studying and leaving together with other people like you with the same common motorsports passion.

Some of them have already internships programs with some top teams, manufacturers, and brands inside the motorsports world. Check their programs.

You can enter doing a motorsports engineering coming from a university engineering degree and make the specialty.

Or coming once you finish the bachelor or some forming courses of the same level and apply for the mechanic’s programs

Another very important point when choosing a university is to take into account if they participate in competitions such as Shell Eco-Marathon or Formula Student. These initiatives allow young engineering students to build their cars and compete with other universities around the world. Such a good working experience.


2.- Within the “inner world”

As we have already pointed within the training section, it is essential to start somewhere. Apprenticeship is the best scenario to start introducing yourself in the motorsports world. You need to think, once you are inside, will be more easy to get connections. And one will bring you to next. So don’t be afraid to start from bottom positions. We all did at some point in our careers.


3.- Do it yourself

Of course, another option is to do it yourself. For example, if you work in a workshop with other colleagues who are also passionate about the world of races, why not try to prepare a car to participate? You can start with a small test in a regional race. Who knows, maybe the team will end up attracting the attention of sponsors or other official teams.

*Our question to you: how bad do you want to succeed? so if you want it, don’t give up your dreams. There are no limitations about what you can archive.

And here, we help you to make it possible.