Starting in Formula 1? How to become a Formula 1 engineer?

  • How do you get into Formula 1?

First of all, there is no easy way. The important thing is to realize that you will have to be patient. Usually, you have to accumulate experience in lower categories before you can make a big leap. Once you have achieved them, there are two paths to follow, effectively try to enter the workforce or further your education.

But if you are no longer interested in further studying you can still enter Formula 1. There are many ways to get there with lower degrees, all you need is some experience. For example, the job of a Formula 1 mechanic is a very exciting one that does not require a university degree. Working with car set-up, mechanics usually start on the test team. To move on to the racing team once they have acquired the necessary experience.

  • What requires work in Formula 1?

Traveling requirements can be very hard and demanding for mechanics and team members. It is a job that is done under and the immense pressure and takes up many hours. However, it’s a very rewarding profession when things go well. When they return to quarters after a race, the mechanics will dismantle the car and reassemble it. Replacing worn parts and preparing for the next Grand Prix. In case you are not overseas. If you are you will need to do all the work, the days before the GP in the pit box.

  • Different options

If you want a more steady pace, there are options also that take place on the different team’s factories. Teams employ many mechanics, engineers, and machinists, who usually build all the metal parts of a race car. Specially those teams that make all their parts on their own. In the area of composite materials, each team has very important facilities.

Here, the workers convert all of the engineers’ designs into molds. These molds will be used by the rolling mills to create carbon fiber parts. This kind of work can also be found in the model shop, where the scale versions used in the wind tunnel are built. This work includes several disciplines, particularly wood molding and working with carbon fiber. It can also mean working in the wind tunnel, making changes to scale models that the aerodynamicist deems necessary. The inspection of parts and storage tasks are also essential parts of these jobs.

The next step is what to specialize in. A degree in Mechanical Engineering will allow you to go far, as this course covers most engineering disciplines. For aerodynamics, the best thing is to have a degree in aeronautics. And although many aerodynamicists have gotten as far as they are through mechanical engineering.

The diversity of degrees that exist today means that teams are increasingly looking for people who specialize in certain areas. Another example of this is Electrical Engineering, which will also require early specialization to obtain the necessary knowledge.

A very new degree in Motorsports Engineering. Is the most specialization offered by these courses that attracts members of all industry. And universities can create good connections with professionals in the world of motoring. Occupying almost an entire year of the career, the project requires the choice of a topic to investigate.

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