It’s true, everything in Motorsport is going electric. Electric Motorsport is the way to define the new era. Formula E went on 2014, MotoGP just got the new Moto E class this 2019. And we see a lot of other cars and bike categories making his move to the electric version. And soon other championships will make the same move.
But this doesn’t mean the normal championships will disappear. Brands still need the “conventional” racing to evolve and develop their products, and there is no better place than the actual to do it.

You just need to see the new government’s regulations for normal cars and bikes to go electric, and then you will have a close idea about what will happen with racing in the near future.

We see a lot of brand announcements, regarding their products for the future, and every time we are coming up with more electrics projects to develop.

So stay tuned and we will update you about all that is going on about it. Electric is happening this is a reality but fuel still a long way to go before disappearing.