Terms and Conditions
The provision of services offered by Jump Start, S.L. (hereinafter, the “Company”) shall be regulated by the provisions of the present Terms and Conditions (“T&C”).
The companies and the job seekers shall be considered as “Users”. As a user, you shall read attentively the present T&C and accept them prior to settle the provision of services.
Moreover, we inform you that the T&C shall be modified without the obligation of informing the users before or after the modification, so we recommend consulting the T&C regularly.
1.-General terms.
The jumpstar-jobs.com is managed and operated by Jump Start, S.L., and by its means it provides the services offered to the users as regulated by the T&C. In order to receive the services provided by the Company the user must previously accept the T&C.
2.-Object of the service. Use of the T&C.
The Company, by means of this website, makes job seekers and job opportunities in the field of motor competition and companies of the same sector that are having a process of selection or recruitment connect. It also offers the contracting companies information about the candidates to the job positions they need to cover.
Likewise, the Company offers to candidates and job seekers formative and capacitation tools such as courses, lectures, masters, etc. in the page “Education” of the website. Likewise, we offer to the formation companies, schools, universities, etc. our website in order to offer their courses, lectures, masters, etc.
The present T&C are available for the users with the object of complying the previsions in the previous paragraphs, so they can be printed or downloaded only for the mentioned use and other personal or commercial use are forbidden.
  • Other services: besides, Jump Start, S.L. shall offer other services the Terms and Services of which shall be set with the User for the particular case and in particular: automatic transfer of vacancies to the platform, headhunting and sensitive roles, marketing brand and job offer on the Jump Start, S.L. network, urgent covering of one shot jobs and annual and biannual subscription plan.
3.-Industrial and intellectual property of the website.
All the elements of the website protected under industrial or intellectual property (including the design, the texts, trademarks, images, etc.) are owned by Jump Start, S.L. In no case and under no circumstances whatsoever the use of the website implies an assignment, transfer o license of the rights of industrial and intellectual property.
4.-Privacy policy.
The data received about candidates, as well as their CV and the data of companies received in the website shall be duly protected, as it is regulated in our privacy policy.
5.-CV of candidates and job offers.
The candidates’ CV and the job offers are received, respectively, from the candidates and the companies that are offering job positions themselves.
Jump Start, S.L. shall check and review that the content of the offer is adjusted to the sector in which it offers its services, but shall not review that the conditions offered are coincident with reality. Besides, the content of the CV received shall not be reviewed, either.
As a consequence, Jump Start, S.L. shall not assume any liability regarding the content of the CVs or the job offers. Ani process of checking or verification shall be carried out by the users.
6.-Information published in Jump Start Jobs.
The services and the information provided are limited to the perform of a selection or recruiting process. The Company shall not guarantee that the information that the said information may be adequate to any particular case. The users shall verify by themselves the information that the rest of users upload to the website. The Company shall not be liable of the damages or harms caused as a consequence of a lack of verification on the users’ part.
7.-Extent of liability.
The liability of Jump Start, S.L. shall be limited only to the breach of the T&C that may cos harm or damage to the users.
Consequently, Jump Start, S.L. shall not be liable of the actions or omissions of the users between them and, in particular, with regards to the truthfulness of the job offers and the candidates’ CVs.
8.-Data protection.
The personal data provided by users and communicated to Jump Start, S.L., including third party data, shall be stored and treated by Jump Start, S.L. in accordance to the provisions of the applicable laws in order to manage the relation with users and the provision of services as provided by the T&C.
By means of the T&C, the user gives is consent to the treatment of Jump Start, S.L. of the aforementioned data, as well as all data provided during the provision of services. The user authorises the transfer of data only when it is necessary for the fulfilment of the obligations regulated under this agreement and, finally, the authorisation for the conservation of the data to the period of time provided by the applicable law.
In no case and under no circumstance the aforementioned data shall be transferred or sold to any third party for any purpose otherwise, without the prior consent of the user, unless they are requested by the competent authorities through the procedures set by the applicable law.
In compliance with the provisions of the applicable law of personal data protection, the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (RGPD), the Organic Law 03/2018 of 5 of December (LOPDGDD) and the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of development of the LOPD, the provided personal data shall be processed by Jump Start, S.L. (the controller of the process in question). The purpose of the processing shall be the maintenance, development, control and execution of the contractual relation that, in the context of the relation identified by the T&C, the parties keep. The data shall be stored while the relation is ongoing. Once the provision of services is terminated, the personal data shall be stored, duly blocked, according to the applicable law. A transfer of the data is not previewed unless there is a legal obligation.
The interested person is hereby informed that he/she has the right to withdraw his/her consent to process the data at anytime and, if that would be the case, the contract shall be terminated in the terms hereby provided as the data processing is essential to execute the services. Likewise, you can exercise the rights to access, rectification and erasure, restriction of processing, data portability and to object and automated individual decision-making by addressing Jump Start, S.L. with address in Calle Puigmartí , 44, 3º2ª,  - Barcelona (Spain) or sending an email to admin@jumpstart-jobs.com. If you consider that the processing of your personal data is not complying the applicable law, you have the right to file a complaint to the control authority (www.agpd.es).
Jump Start, S.L. commit to apply all the safety measures needed, as provided by the applicable protection data law.
9.-Website availability.
In theory, the website is configured to be working 24/7. Nevertheless, Jump Start, S.L. shall not be liable for the unavailability of the website, the interruptions o delays in its use that may occur.
Jump Star, S.L. reserves the right to modify the design and the specifications of the website at any time.
10.-Browers policy.
Jump Start, S.L. commits to work in order to support as many users as possible. However, we cannot guarantee the availability of the service to all browsers.
Whatever it is the case, Jump Start, S.L. requires that the candidates have JavaScript enabled, as well as the session cookies, and recommends that persistent cookies are also enabled, in their browsers. You can check our cookies policy here.
11.-Terms and conditions for the job offers.
1. Definitions. In this T&C:
-“Client” shall mean any natural or legal person, or entity in broad sense, who acquires our services.
-“Purchase order” shall mean the order to acquire the services provided by Jump Start, S.L. in any format and accepted by the client.
-“Services” shall mean all the products for recruiting and selecting staff and the services offered to the users by Jump Start, S.L.
-“Month of contract” shall mean, with regards to each purchase order of particular services, the period of time extended from the acceptation of the purchase order until the day before of the next month.
-“Period of contract” shall mean the complete period of time that has been set in the purchase order.
2. Start of the service.
The provision of the service shall start once the offeror of the job has sent and published the data of its offer in the website.
Jump Start, S.L. reserves the right to withdraw the job offer in the event that the payment is not carried out or in the event that the content of the job offer does not comply with the previsions of the T&C.
3. Price of the service.
The prices offered to the client shall be valid during the period of time set in the purchase order. The prices shall be confidential and shall not be spread nor disclosed by the client.
The job vacancies published in Jump Start, S.L. shall be online for 60 days, unless a shorter period of time has been agreed with the client. Any extension of the aforementioned period shall be deemed as a new publication and shall be charged to the client as such.
Any job vacancy published in addition to the maximum number of vacancies agreed between Jump Start, S.L. and the client shall have the price per vacancy agreed with the client in the purchase order.
Each vacancy shall be identified with a unique number for each vacancy.
If the client erases or withdraws a job offer and, afterwards, publishes it again, the new publication shall be deemed as a new publication and, therefore, as two different vacancies.
If any of the services during the period of the contract were not used, they would not be extended to any ulterior period of time unless there is prior written consent of Jump Start, S.L. The client shall be liable for the payment of the services contracted even in the case that the service in question has not been used.
4. Payment of the service.
All prices exclude the Value Added Tax (VAT).
All he invoices can be paid with a bank card, by means of a payment gateway or by means of a bank transfer to the account that, for this purpose, shall be identified in the purchase order. If the client wants to use any other mean of payment, it shall be communicated to Jump Start, S.L., who has to expressly approve the mean of payment in question.
In case that there is a delay in the payment of the service, the client accepts that the service may be suspended until the payment has taken place. In case of late payment, a charge of the 8% of the price shall be applied.
5. Termination of the service.
The services shall be arranged for a specific period of time or for indefinite period.
Whatever is the case, the parties shall terminate the services in the following events:
-By breach of the client of the T&C, providing the breach has been communicated and it has not been amended in the period of 10 natural days since the notice, which shall determine the breach and claim for its amendment.
-The client becomes insolvent, ceases its business, enters into a process of dissolution or liquidation or the liquidation phase of a bankruptcy process is open for the client.
6. Reimbursement.
All prices are not reimbursable. The only exception shall be the case that the client has, in accordance to law, the right of withdrawal and in terms regulated for the said right.
7. Extent of liability.
In case a liability of Jump Start, S.L. is generated in favour of the client, the liability of Jump Start, S.L. shall be extended only to the total amounts paid for the service during the period of time in with the services have been contracted.
8. Post of offers.
Jump Start, S.L. shall establish the rules that the job offers shall comply regarding its content and format. The purpose of the said rules is ensuring that the job seekers seeking a job through Jump Start, S.L. get the results in the best possible way.
Jump Start, S.L. reserves the right to withdraw or to not publish any offer that does not comply with the rules set and it shall not generate any liability on its part.
Likewise, Jump Start, S.L. reserves the right to modify the rules and there is no obligation to warn the client, who hereby commits to check the rules regularly.
-It is not possible duplicating offers and, therefore, publishing the same offer twice.
-It is prohibited the excessive use of keywords in the job title or its description. The use of some specific words so as to influence or modify the position in which the offer appears in the list of job offers shall be deemed as a deliberate use.
-The offer published in Jump Start, S.L. shall be referred to a real vacancy of the offeror.
-The inclusion of URL addresses or email addresses in the body of the post is not allowed. The insertion of URL address shall be done in the “Apply” button. The insertion of an email address shall be done in the “Send an Email” button.
9. Illegal posts.
It is not allowed, in any case, uploading a post or offer that may be discriminatory on basis of sex or sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or religion, age or capacity and, if that would be the case, the adequate procedures shall be started against the offeror.
Jump Start, S.L. reserves the right to withdraw or not publish any post that shall imply the violation of the right to no discrimination or labour laws.
10. Response to the offers.
The client commits to deal fairly and professionally with all the users that may respond to the job offer posted.
The client shall indemnify Jump Start, S.L. for the liability that, eventually, can result for the breach of this obligation or any other of the T&C.
The client commits to carry out all the procedures needed in order to assure the adequacy of each of the candidates to a vacancy in particular, and that they have the appropriate certifications and qualification in order to exercise the job.
Jump Start, S.L. does not guarantee, in any case, that the post will get any response by the candidates or that the candidates responding to the offer gathers the qualities needed to cover the vacancy.
11. Content and links.
In the event that the post includes an options of “apply” that links to another website, the client shall be responsible of maintaining the inks and the content of the post and the website up to date and working.
Jump Start, S.L. reserves the right to erase any post that includes contents or links to pages that do not work or are out of date.
With regards to the content of the posts, Jump Start, S.L. reserves the right to erase or supress any post that may deem illegal, illegitimate or defamatory. The client shall indeminify Jump Start, S.L. of the claims arising from its liability for the content or the links in the post of the client.
12. Use of the database of CVs.
All the rights of the database of CVs including the rights of industrial and intellectual property are owned by Jump Start, S.L.
In no case and under no circumstance it shall be considered there is a transfer or assignment of the database or its content. The use of the database and its content is regulated by the T&C.
-Use of the database:
The content of the database that the client shall receive will be determined by the product acquired to Jump Start, S.L. Once this content is received by the client, the client might: a. use it, carry out a search or download it to its own database with the only purpose of finding a fitting candidate to the vacancy to cover; b. Using the information of the people included in the database with the only purpose of contacting them in order to include them in the recruiting process to the vacancy in particular; c. use the information only with purposes related to the recruiting process and covering vacancies.
The client shall not: a. provide, sell, license or otherwise transfer the content of the database of CVs or a copy of the content to any third party, including other companies of its group; b. download the database throughout automatic processes; c. contacting people included in the database or make or allow any use of the information of the said people for any purpose other than finding suitable candidates to cover specific job vacancies.
All passwords are for personal use and non-transferable for the person who registers it. Jump Start, S.L. shall deny the access to any person if it reasonably considers that it is being used by an unauthorized person or that the client has breached the T&C.
-Erasure of content of the database.
The client commits to erase all the content of the database of CVs when the said content has been updated or when the recruiting process has concluded successfully and the vacancy is covered, whichever happens first.
-Relation with the candidates.
The client commits to deal fairly with all the candidates it may contact making use of the database.
Likewise, the client commits to indemnify Jump Start, S.L. of any claim arising from the breach of the previsions in the precedent paragraph.
13. Online posts.
The T&C shall apply to all the material posted (the “campaigns”) and accepted by Jump Start, S.L. to be published in its website. Before uploading a campaign, the client must accept the T&C, even in the case that is acting as an agent, commissioner or representative of the original poster.
The client commits to send all the creative work and the content of the campaign in a format accepted by Jump Start, S.L. at least two working days in advance to the date set in the purchase order.
In the event that the client wants to modify or cancel a purchase order, it shall inform Jump Start, S.L. through email or by certificate postal service with an advance of at least two working days to the date set in the purchase order. Otherwise, the client shall pay in full the amounts provided by the order.
The client is responsible of the content of the campaign and assure that is not against the law, the morality or good costums and that it complies all relevant laws. Jump Start, S.L. will be able to, at its discretion, erase the campaign without prior notice to the client and it will not generate any liability with it, if it considers it breaches the provisions of this paragraph. Likewise, the client shall indemnify Jump Start, S.L. for the liability that may be generated because of the breach of this clause by the client and, in particular, but with no limit to, for infringing the rights of industrial or intellectual property or as a result of the campaign being defamatory or offensive.
In case of error in the published campaign on the part of Jump Start, S.L., it will assume the cost of publishing the campaign again. In no case any other liabilities shall be generated. Besides, the client exonerates Jump Start, S.L. of the mistakes in the publishing of the campaign that may be produced because of circumstances off control of Jump Start, S.L., or for fortuitous event, cause of god or force majeure.
14. Withdrawal of posts.
In any case, Jump Start, S.L. reserves the right to erase or not publish any of the posts of the client without prior notice. The client exonerates Jump Start, S.L. of such erasure or lack of publishing.
The erasure or the lack of publishing shall be due to any of the following conditions:
-The post implies an act of discrimination or is otherwise discriminating, offensive or violates the fundamental rights of any person.
-The post implies a breach of the T&C.
-The content of the post is not adequate for the website as it refers to jobs, users or clients out of the scope of the activity in which Jump Start, S.L. provides its services.
15. Types of posts:
The client shall contract any of the following types of posts:
-Basic Offer: the post will be published within a list of posts with no particular order that will be generated randomly on informatics basis. The Basic Offer shall include the following characteristics:
a. The offer will stay online during sixty (60) days.
b. The publication of the offer will include all the data of the offeror company (as they are in the company’s profile).
c. The offeror will have access to the CVs of those candidates who have applied for the vacancy for twelve (12) months starting from the date of publishing of the offer.
-Standard Offer: the post will be published within the list of posts with the following characteristics:
a. The same included in the Basic Offer.
b. The job offer will be highlighted in the job list.
c. The offer will appear in the targeted email alert and Jump Star, S.L. social media.
d. The job will be alerted in the Jump Start, S.L. network, website and app.
-Floating post: the post will be published within the list of posts with the following characteristics:
a. The same included in the Standard Offer.
b. Weekly repositioning of the offer to appear in the top positions of the front page.
c. Higher ranking of the offer in the search results.
Users expressly exonerate Jump Start, S.L. in the following cases:
-For the possible acts of discrimination that any other user may commit and, in particular, for the possible discrimination when hiring staff by the companies that offer their vacancies in the website.
-For the lack of truthfulness, inaccuracy or mistake in the data provided by any user, be it offeror or job seeker.
-For the lack of suitable candidates to particular vacancies, the lack of response in the offers or the response only by seeker that do not fulfil the conditions requested in the offer.
-For the misrepresentation or fraud that job seekers may commit with regards of their degrees or careers and labour and professional capacities.
-For the breach of the T&C by any user.
-In general, or any circumstance or conduct of the users in their relation amongst them and that cannot be considered a specific breach of the T&C by Jump Start, S.L.
13.-Compensation for Jump Start, S.L.
In the event that any user, be it job offeror or job seeker, carries out any action or omission that may redirect liability of Jump Start, S.L. against the prevision in the previous clause, the user in question shall indemnify Jump Start, S.L. in the amounts by which Jump Start, S.L. has been deemed liable.
14.-Language of the T&C.
This T&C have been drafted in Spanish. Therefore, the official version is the version in Spanish. In case of contradiction, the Spanish version of the T&C shall prevail.